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Acabo de editar um livro pelo qual apresento um Manual de Gestão de Projetos Pessoais.

MODELO DIVAS foi criado com base em processos práticos e simplificados, unindo algumas áreas de conhecimento, que podem ajudar qualquer pessoa a alcançar seus objetivos em seus projetos.

A princípio ainda não foi definida data para lançamento oficial porém, já estou divulgando-o de forma restrita, pois encontra-se à venda somente nos seguintes locais:

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No site da Editora = bit.ly/MODEL_DIVAS  (pode-se comprar ou alugar)

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Strategic Marketing in Real Estate

The housing market is evolving every day but it is very important that realtors to professionalize more every day, because the customer is increasingly demanding and attentive not only to property but the entire region and local infrastructure.

A good real estate professional should be able to analyze the characteristics of the local market and the needs of its clients worry about the competition and in an evolving market businesses and professionals who will take hold in the business professionals will be able to create strategies to reach your target audience and learn to cope with competition.

What is Strategic Marketing

The function of Strategic Marketing is to follow the evolution of the relevant market, identifying the different product-market segments and current or potential, based on the analysis of needs served, and guide the company to existing opportunities and create attractive opportunities, ie Well adapted to their resources and their know-how, which offer growth potential and profitability.

From the brasilian blog "marketing e publicidade imobiliaria"


People who pass through our lives ...

"There are two types of people not interested in a good company: those who do not get lost and that only do what is boss."
Henry Ford


(A + T = Q) Archi + Tecture = Quality

The term architecture (from the Greek word αρχιτεκτονική, pronounced architektonike) was originated from αρχιτέκτων (ARCHITECTU) "contractor", and also from the combination of αρχι-(archi-), "head" or "leader" with τέκτων (tekton), a "builder" or "carpenter." The architecture, as a profession, is currently, the activity of designing and planning the construction of buildings and other structures and spaces, aimed mainly to serve the human needs.

Much has been written about the influence of architecture on the quality of life for its residents or any person who makes use of it. I never could admit the functional architecture versus the aesthetic architecture, being either more or less important, not independent or solitary in the creation of any space to be occupied by one person.

The "Digital Architecture" here is not the era of computers, but I'm speaking of the brands that each presents, unique and singular in his thumb. It is the individuality that makes the design of adequate space to those who will occupy it. The architect must be prepared to find the professional that feature and thus respond appropriately to your tools, making this area in full attendance to all the needs of its future occupants.

How to ensure that my project is a "perfect plan" and is correct as I can calmly take this commitment is to a child, an elderly lady, a couple of newly married couples, a maid, a janitor or any other that will use a space designed for me - I have taken no account of who really is the end user?

"What if only to make business with projects developed after sold all their units, and to know in advance, all its future occupants." Utopia? Impossible? Maybe ... Maybe not ... Is there some way that allows us to design knowing exactly for whom?

This was one of the main reasons that led me in 1980, seeking in the interior architecture, the direct contact with customers and the freedom of creation, both in artistic design, and, above all, in the absence of standards and codes of laws and decrees rigid and restrictive, in addition to natural conventions, proposed by the society and environment in which it is inserted. The focus of my position today, is to propose the study of the consequences of design projects of condominiums buildings and urban spaces in the lives of people. In addition, get through bad examples already built, the lessons to be learned to avoid their repetition.

Little is said of the effects of bad architecture and an urban design in most cases wrong. In such cases, the professionals believe that take into account your users, but in fact guided on what is best for most - and this approach means alone, the unmet needs of many. The results of this process are possible, among other harmful effects to health and quality of life of residents. A space created so disqualified enjoyable activities can turn into annoying and stressful routines. You can change our mood without knowing the cause, can harm our health in very, and in extreme discomfort for long periods, cause our death.

Say that a project of a property is not qualified to be frivolous to me, because I have to take into account important issues, and evaluate various reasons such as cost, time, risks, available technology, market, etc.. However, you must first prepare and empower those who have the obligation to supervise a project of "building regrettable." It is common for residential units are extremely poor, but very well commercially makeup, creating irresistible incentives that focus on only what you want to show.

This "deceived population" needs to become more aware and demanding, through the vehicle of information and examples that make learning to immediately repudiate such projects inconsequential. With so many gains in terms of quality of life in recent decades, it is expected that such projects are finally buried, and thus start up a new era in the relationship between who is to be sold and who buys for use.

Perhaps the problem of insecurity that affects us as citizens can be resolved. I believe it is a consequence of inconsequential acts of who should provide examples to be followed but, by contrast, have increasingly creative ways of how to "sell her mother," while preparing another deal with another loved one, now developing the advertising misleading for the next suckers. This virus has spread in almost all human activities, will only be destroyed with the modification of unhealthy and self-centered mentality, who has installed this power.

Plan to build a million homes? In surveys that are based the "competent authorities"? Neither they, nor the architects, builders and technicians in planning, have the slightest idea of what you are doing, the type of building or condominium which is to build. The results of these projects, are political and / or financial, maximized to the maximum, are priorities. This is due to come on stage, the Project Manager, he is able to balance the professional interests of all stakeholder (involved). He is able to create not only the Plans Costs, Time, Risk, etc.., But mainly a communication plan differently, with a new system to do that all stakeholders were not only heard (and listened), but assisted in their needs.

If investors, entrepreneurs and real estate incorporated, the architects and builders, and buyers of buildings have the appropriate knowledge, based on observation and examples of other companies more aware and experienced, then understood that a building is not multifamiliar any property that can be resolved such as who designs a shop or an office. The public can not be considered the same as others. He can only be observed as a result set of an opinion poll or a local "study of the mass." There is live. You can not miss! This type of residential condominium has to be special, its spaces must meet all the wishes of every one who will live and not a general all or a "large portion of the population."

I like the project architect and manager of properties multifamiliares, if I would be able to provide identification to what people seek, individually, as his concepts of conducting life. My happiness would be to create environments that ensure the happiness of their residents. Allow, with my work, that people value their own lives every day.

I wish that people interact with their environments, enjoying his space and personally designed and created especially for them. To be stimulated by various forms of solutions, which together could have produced, making this a viable architecture and, unquestionably human, personal and digital, which is the proposal to be made fairer to all who enjoy.

For me, the biggest dilemma of architecture, always, beyond the eternal relationship "man x space", is an account that has to result in sum. " Resulting in "plus" for real and personal way to each decide, in accordance with their conceptions, which has to be "the quality of life."

Dahis, Abraham


First Workshop BE_BETTER

*Techniques for Self-management projects.

Link for information and registration: http://tinyurl.com/adahis

Nothing is more difficult for most people, who manage their lives, don´t agree?

People living at hasty and not to know where they are going. Besides, do you know where you're going? Have stopped to think if the way you are walking in your life is what you really want? What you are making every day is in accordance with your priorities? Do you not feel that something, can be wrong?
These are questions that many do not want to worry about doing for you.

But we will not choose a path? Absolutely! And for that we plan. To plan is to raise adequate data on the current situation in order to outline clear targets for the future.

- How do you want to be yourself in 5 years?
- Are you satisfied with it´s current state?
- What are your wishes (your state desire)?
- Do you want to learn how to Define, Implement, Verify, Act and Satisfy these desires?

The 1st WORKSHOP BE_BETTER is part of a LIFE MANAGING Program which includes a series of projects whose mission is to help people reflect and better manage their goals in life.

This workshop was adequately modeled for 3 hours in duration and is structured in DIVAS® Model, a methodology that employs tools for planning, administration, project management, coaching and neurolinguistics. Came to know DIVAS® Model Project Managing by Yourself, and how you will BE_BETTER and learn techniques that will allow you to better manage their own lives!

The origin of the DIVAS® Model:
In 2006 came to me the task of writing an article for the Post-graduate course in Project Management, on intuitive management, reporting a parallel between my life up to that date and then learned that, in the classroom. As an entrepreneur since 1986, I felt at that moment an opportunity to recall 20 years of experience and professional staff, and there, in those few words written, see if I really had enough material accumulated and stored.

Currently, both myself, as now, many people are using the DIVAS® Model to life with more focus on achievement and pleasure that the results of their projects give them.

I like to dictate a sentence for a member of the Schurman family, who lives sailing around the world and ministering lectures and courses on philosophy of personal and professional life:

"We can not control the winds but surely we can adjust the sails."

Therefore, I invite you to visit Brasil and came experience a little of your MAP and know how to adjust not only your SAILS, but mainly, your NORTH!





My job as a coach began in mid 2007, after having me trained in international certification course which was celebrated by InCoaching - International Institute of Coaching, an organization affiliated ICI - International Coach Institutes.

As a way of adding more knowledge and experience in this new path, some colleagues offered the Project Manager, the possibility, wish, take me as your Personal Coach, over which normally runs six (6) months current.

I received many responses to the invitation and, among all, choose three (3) professional (two women and one man), set in Rio de Janeiro, my home, and that seemed to offer me more opportunities for learning.

Started with each of their case and, at first individual session of 1 hour and half, we saw that a route to rewarding work, both for me as a coach and for him-her / them, as "coachees".

The first sessions were set up as mapping and organization of ideas, where we could see how it was at that moment, the current status of each. The different experiences and the particular situations of personal and professional life, I remained deeply interested in finding out if I was even able to help with the tools that had just barely learned to use in order to get my "customers" to their desired states!

How Pratictioner in NLP - Neurolinguistics Programming, combined with a little creativity, could generate meetings significant and, I have managed to leverage some resources in my "coachees" (clients), they also do not have to give account.

We're still in the middle of work, but we believe that the objectives set by each. As soon finish their cases, to tell you, as happened subsequent sessions and, if really get to make all three, to reach the targets as proposed.

Friends, I hope everybody be happy these day and I promisse will prepare something more special to next post ok?




Good Afternoon,

You will now know what the relationship between his life and his projects.

Pregnancy is a unique project, with a term set (the average length of 9 (nine) months). The Project's aim is the birth. Quality is the health of the baby and mother. The risks must be monitored primarily by the obstetrician. The scope is an endless list of changes in the life of the couple. Acquisitions = outfit, decorate a fourth, others ... Finally, a large project to life!

From birth, will begin another project, the more long-term, we can call Project Grow, Project Children, Project or that it does not matter. Project is everything in life!

Managing projects is a science that involves tasks of several categories: personal and professional skills, leadership ability, creativity, fitness and knowledge of the environment, knowledge, tools and procedures that can manage in finding the expected results, and described in the PMBOK Guide 2004, the PMI Project Management Institute, approaching its 9 (nine) areas of knowledge.

Who could refute or contradict me with some example of something that exists can not be considered a project?

For the PMBOK, a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a product, service or
unique result.

I await,




It is a great pleasure starting this blog, which is nothing more then a space where I can express in a way, more of my thoughts and share with you, experiments on different subjects.


Start a blog with this theme scares up, I know, but chose to name my new site in portuguese, www.gestaodevida.com.br which is identified with the words ... matter of life or death, of course, was not for nothing!

The reason is simple ...

Nothing is more difficult for most people, who manage their own lives. Life Management or Life Managing is a blog that is coming to help people manage their "Project of Life."

Soon we will announce the launch of the site. For now, if you enter this URL, it will be automatically directed to the site of the Space and Expression website company that address since 1986.

I want this site, provide tools for planning, architecture, management, psychology, neurolinguistics programming, coaching and many other areas of knowledge, facilitating the mapping, planning, implementation, management, control, and to obtain the results of the goals that each person is proposed.

If you want to propose topics to address is not shy and his suggestion without fear.

I hope God together with us.





Nothing is more difficult for most people, who manage their lives, no? Life Management is a blog with a mission to help people better manage their "Project of Life."

Life Management is a blog with a mission to help people better manage their "Project of Life."

I present here, texts, articles and tools for planning, administration, psychology, neurolinguistics, and coaching others, which facilitate the life of each.

Definition, Implementation, Verification, Action and Satisfaction are the phases of the DIVAS® model, which methodology to get the results it aims at targets which I propose.

Let's walk together on this road until we get to our respective destinations? At least, do a walk with pleasure ...